2022 Donor Events

Telluride Science Strives to stimulate life-long learning amongst our donors.


2022 events 

Salon talk on

The Science of Aging

Dr. Vadim Backman, Professor of Biomedical Engineering,
Molecular Genetics and the Associate Director of the Cancer Center at Northwestern University, hosted a salon talk on the Science of Aging. He spoke about advances in science and medicine that could potentially increase our life span to 120-years old.

Not just for sommeliers

The Chemistry of Wine

During and interactive discussion and wine tasting, Jenee Cyran,  Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Baylor University, and Deanna Cyran, a CMS certified sommelier, discussed the chemistry of wine and how the fermentation process affects the taste.

Heart & Soul

Innovation at Elevation

William Cohn, M.D., Vice President at Johnson & Johnson MedTech and the Executive Director for the Johnson & Johnson Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center, spoke about his involvement with in developing the continuous-flow artificial heart. Dr. Cohn shared his insight on how to foster a culture of “do-it-yourself” innovation.