The TSRC staff is commited to mentoring young people who show an interest in science, science communications, science outreach, marketing, and more. TSRC internships typically run June through mid-August. Please contact Mark with any questions. TSRC usually employs one intern per summer season, though it hires more interns from time to time as projects warrant. Interns are responsible for finding their own lodging in Telluride, which can be expensive. Food is often available at TSRC for interns free of charge, reducing some of the living costs.

Past Interns
Phillip Straub, Science Intern
Cordelia Pryor, Science Intern
Sara Dwyer, Science Intern
Claire Ricks, Science-Writing Intern
Alejo Banfi Matocq, Science Intern
Lehl Chase-Nason, Science Intern
Mairin Glenney, Science Intern
Olivija Berry, Science Intern
Julia Trowbridge, Science-Writing Intern
Danika Petit, Science-Writing Intern
Parker Crawford, Science Intern
Autumn Lafferty, Science Intern
Hannah Docter-Loeb, Science Writing Intern
Telluride Science Research Center
Post Office Box 2429, Telluride CO 81435
Tel: + 970.708.4426
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