What is Telluride Science? 

Telluride Science is productivity accelerator for science and technology. Scientists and engineers come to Telluride for week-long interdisciplinary workshops generate new ideas and build collaborations.


We are repeatedly told:

“Most productive time outside own institution and where all my collaborations are developed”


“Globally, one of the most powerful and cost-beneficial mechanisms for advancing science & technology”

What Differentiates us as Force-Multiplier for Scientific Productivity

  • It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. Telluride Science is differentiated by a unique and powerful scientist experience.
  • Telluride Science has created an exceptional think-tank environment for addressing fundamental science and engineering challenges at the molecular, cellular, and quantum levels.
  • Telluride Science workshops entail a small group of scientists/engineers convening for five days for an informal deep dive into their latest unpublished research results and cutting-edge ideas. The time spent walking and hiking with other scientists is also an important component, as it creates time and space for free thinking and idea generation.
  • Each year Telluride Science hosts about 1400 scientists and engineers across 500 international and domestic institutions. Telluride Science’s ability to scale productivity across all these institutions and scientists annually makes it a force multiplier that stands apart as one of the most effective and financially efficient mechanisms for advancing science and technology.
  • Telluride Science is about creating a highly inspiring, casual, and friendly environment that stimulates interdisciplinary scientists and engineers to come out of their silos, to communicate, and innovate as a team.
  • The organization believes that small intimate workshops with fewer than 25 people is the best way to foster communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation
  • The majority of Telluride Science participants are a speaker and an audience member. Telluride Science talks are catalysts for lively and extended discussions that are as memorable as the science presented.
  • Scientists and organizers have the freedom and ability to quickly assemble a workshop and the freedom to conduct the workshop as they wish - no rules.
  • The highly attentive and service-oriented staff that treats its scientists like family, the natural splendor of the San Juan Mountains, and friendliness of Telluride all contribute to the powerful experience that participants rate as among the best in the world.

“At Telluride Science, meetings bring together individuals and scientists from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. It is almost like a crucible where we take wide-ranging ideas and this disparate group of people and mix them together in a place where they feel free to think or otherwise be inspired. That leads to extraordinary collaborations and extraordinary innovations.”

~Dr. Anna Marie Pyle Professor of Chemistry / Yale