our mission

Advancing Knowledge & Discovery

Telluride Science advances knowledge and discovery for the benefit of all by enabling leading scientists from around the world to convene workshops and summer schools in an inspirational setting. Scientists select the topics, design the program, and invite participants to meetings that stimulate collaborations, catalyze breakthroughs, and identify new questions.

our vision

Setting Powerful New Directions

We aim to set powerful new directions in science that lead from molecular insights to far-reaching solutions. Our new line of innovation programming focuses on solving a grand challenge with a meaningful impact on society and our planet.

scientists brainstorming at a break out session in Telluride

Making an Impact for Nearly 40 years

Telluride Science (initially established as the Telluride Science Research Center) was founded in 1984 by R. Stephen Berry and Peter Salamon as a think-tank for interdisciplinary collaboration. The organization lives at the creative crossroads of physics, chemistry, energy, biomedicine, material science, and nanotechnology. Learn more.

Telluride Science (formally known as the Telluride Science Research Center or TSRC) was founded in 1984 as an interdisciplinary think tank for science and engineering challenges.


While much of the workshops are focused around insights gained at the molecular level, the full breadth of perspective includes insights also made at the quantum and cellular levels. The organization lives at the innovative crossroads of fundamental science, energy, biomedicine, material science, and nanotechnology.

We feel beyond fortunate

To have this majestic place and community as optimal environment to facilitate communication, collaboration, and creativity.