Public Events

in addition to Town talks, Telluride Science offers several public events throughout the year. THIS SUMMER, WE ARE CO-HOSTING THREE EVENTS WITH THE TELLURIDE FOUNDATION.


Fake or Fraud: How to Identify the Real Deal

Thursday, July 27, 5:30 pm
Sheridan Opera House

This event, co-hosted with the Telluride Foundation, will feature a conversation between two experts in the art world, Rachel Kaminsky and another art expert (TBD). The conversation will cover all areas of authentication, including connoisseurship and provenance, but the bulk of the discussion will focus on the increasingly important role of scientific analysis in detecting fraud in the art world.


AWE: The New Science of Everyday Wonder 

Monday, August 14 

We are thrilled to partner with the Telluride Foundation to host Dacher Keltner in  Telluride. He will speak about his latest book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life. Dr. Keltner will talk about his investigation and personal inquiry into this elusive emotion. Revealing new research into how awe transforms our brains and bodies, alongside and examination of awe across history, culture and within his own life during a period of grief, Keltner shows us how cultivating awe in our everyday life leads us to appreciate what is most humane in our human nature. A cocktail party will precede the event.

Highlights of Past Events Are Included Below.

A Community Celebration at The Depot
September 30, 2022

Many events during the Winter of 2022 were virtual due to the pandemic. 
Some of these events include:
Asleep to Remember

The Role of Sleep in Memory Consilidation

Dr.Paolo Malerba, PhD, Principal Investigator at Malerba Lab at Nationwide
Children’s Hospital, gave a very interesting discussion on how sleep affects our
memory. View the webinar in the window to the left. 

Cellular Therapy

The Use of Living Drugs to Combat Viruses & Cancer

Dr. Peter Pisters, President of MD Anderson Cancer Center spoke about the novel work and cancer research done at MD Anderson and Dr. Katy Rezvani, Professor of Medicine at MD Anderson, addressed explained how a new frontier in immune cell therapeutics was being used to treat viruses and cancer.