Telluride Science Scholarships

Telluride Science is pleased to offer scholarships to emerging scientists. Please see below for more information.

R. Stephen Berry Postdoctoral Fellowship

Following Steve’s passing on July 26, 2020, Telluride Science established the R Stephen Berry Postdoctoral Fellowship. Upon founding Telluride Science with Peter Salamon in 1984, Steve always made sure to include scientists in various stages of their career with the understanding that more minds from different perspectives are likely to bring about answers more quickly and more creatively than a homogenous group. In honor of Steve’s commitment to the participation of postdoctoral scholars at Telluride Science, the R. Stephen Berry Postdoctoral Fellowship will cover registration and up to $500 for meeting expenses for awarded postdoctoral or early-career researchers.

Any Telluride Science participant may nominate a postdoctoral fellow or early-career scientist, or a scientist may nominate themselves. Nominations must be sent to the workshop organizer, who should then contact Telluride Science Executive Director, Mark Kozak, by email or by phone, 970-708-4426, to formally nominate a scientist for a fellowship. The deadline for the formal nomination is April 1st. These fellowships will be competitive, and Telluride Science cannot guarantee availability. Contact Mark Kozak for more information.