Innovation Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Innovation Center is to leverage Telluride Science’s powerful workshop format and interdisciplinary approach to find solutions to societal and planetary grand challenges.

Our Vision

The vision for the Innovation Center is bring together global thought-leaders to make transformational advancements in the fields of energy,  medicine, and the environment. Telluride will be known as the place where the smartest people in the world come to collaboratively find solution solutions to society’s and the planet’s most pressing challenges.

Current Innovation Workshops

Decarbonization of Cement (low-energy innovation for manufacturing cement – one of the largest global sources of carbon emissions)
Grid of the Future (Innovation workshop series on modernizing the US national grid to meet the demand for increased electrification)
Siemens Digitalization and Innovation Summit (art of the possible in manufacturing automation, sustainability, and STEM education)

Innovation Workshops

In Development
Using Machine-learning to Analyze Cancer Imagery (MD Anderson)
Women’s Health: Mitigating the Impacts of Aging through Preventative & Integrative Health
Healthcare Data, Privacy, and Pricing Transparency
Accelerating Female Leadership in Science & Engineering