The Depot Project will benefit TSRC, the Telluride community, the local economy, and the world.
  • Significant expansion of high-level science programming
  • A venue for meetings outside of the 7-week window available at the current rental facility (Telluride Intermediate School) will allow for additional workshops throughout the year. Institutional permanence will support the managed growth of Telluride Science.
  • Improved economic model
  • While workshop revenues have always fully supported TSRC's operational budget, new revenue streams (Innovation and other community programming, non-profit events, and community rental) will support facility security and financial sustainability.
  • Economical scientist experiences.
  • Off-prime season workshops will be less expensive, and the percentage of economical scientist experiences during summer months will increase. The facility will also provide year-round working space for Scientists in Residence.

  • Restoration of an iconic, historic structure
  • The renovation will honor the Depot’s storied history and the legacy of science and innovation in Telluride.
  • New community access to scientific programming
  • The venue will allow for new programming designed for public participation, including talks, weekend seminars, and interactions with scientists. The facility will broaden opportunities for world-class TSRC scientists to interact with local students as well.
  • Continued public access to a beloved community venue
  • Protected from private development, the Depot will be available for community programming, non-profit events, and event rentals.

  • Increased local economic impact
  • Local revenues will increase from TSRC’s current $12M to $18M annually.
  • Contributions to the Depot Project support three local economic engines
  • 1 – Allows for a permanent home for Telluride Science.
    2 – Funds the Ah Haa School for the Arts’ purchase of a new building.
    3 – Funds affordable housing and local parking through the Ah Haa’s building purchase.

  • More numerous scientist interactions will scale science and innovation developments around the world.
  • Working to progress biomedical, material, energy, water, computing, atmospheric, and fundamental sciences, TSRC’s network of 5,000 scientists hail from over 700 international and domestic institutions. Scientific and technological developments seeded at TSRC find roots around the globe. Additional opportunities to collaborate with the brightest minds in the world will lead to real global change.

    Contact Mark Kozak, TSRC's Executive Director for more information.

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