Attendees FAQs

Workshop Questions

Where are the workshops held?

You will see the location listed there on each of the workshops on this page.

About ninety-percent of our workshops are held at the Telluride Intermediate School located at 725 West Colorado Avenue. It is adjacent to the High School and is the large structure on your left as you enter town. There are signs leading you to the entry doors and are marked Telluride Science.

What is the dress code at Telluride Science? How should I pack for my trip to the mountains?

Meetings at Telluride Science, and Telluride in general, are very informal. Please plan to dress casually and comfortably for the meetings, as well as for going out in town. Jackets, ties, or heels are rarely seen around town. The best strategy for dealing with variable weather while hiking or while in town, is to wear layers and have a rain coat handy. If you plan to go hiking, do not leave without water, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain gear and layers.




What is included in the standard workshop fee?

  • Meeting space
  • Staff support all workshop days from 6:30 am til 9:00 pm, Friday 6:30 am til 1:00 pm
  • Grab and go breakfast items each morning, coffee, and fresh pastries and bagels from Baked in Telluride. 
  • Afternoon cookies and/or other snacks
  • Coffee, teas, sparkling water, and sodas all day
  • Picnic dinner on Wednesday night, including beer and wine (family members welcomed)
  • Technical equipment (LCD’s, overheads, etc)
  • Tech support
  • Wireless internet at the meeting site


What’s not included?

  • Travel costs
  • Lodging costs
    • Please email if you have any questions about lodging options.
    • Please email if you would like us to assist you in finding a place to hold a reception or dinner.